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We have kept a good assortment of various equipment to allow a wide range of processing.

Machine name Tunnel processor YK3000
Feature This machine is specialized in opening tap holes in the tunnel of plates.
Processing range Iron ... M16 degree Aluminum ... M20 degree SUS ... M12 degree

Major equipment

Equipment list

Machine name Model Manufacturer Table size(X x Y x Z)mm
Tunnel processor YK3000   3000mmx3000mm
Machining center
(NEW October 2014 imported)
MILLAC 761V Okuma & Howa  
Machining center MILLAC 438V Okuma & Howa 850x430x300
Machining center MILLAC 561V Okuma & Howa 1050x561x450
Machining center MILLAC 611VL Okuma & Howa 1300x610x550
Machining center MILLAC 1050V Okuma & Howa 2000x1000x800
Machining center VM5-III OKK 1020x500x450
NC milling 2VNC Okuma & Howa 950x450x300
Friend mill 2R Okuma & Howa 700x300x300
Milling machine Vertical mold Okuma & Howa -
Milling machine Horizontal mold SEIKI -
Horizontal Milling Horizontal mold - -
Radial drilling machine
1300 - -
Radial drilling machine
900 - -
Bench drilling machine - - -
CAD/CAM Two dimensions JBM Five DXF data corresponding
CAD/CAM Two and half dimensions JBM One DXF data corresponding

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