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We can both manufacture in Japan and overseas. A wide range of parts processing is possible, from plate parts to jig tools.

The Company handles a wide range of processing items in parts machining. Our company is engaged in a wide range of processing items.
In addition, we can both manufacture in Japan or overseas by utilizing the network we developed.
As our major equipment is the machining center, we are especially good at the processing of plate parts.
In addition, parts of production equipment like mold, industrial machinery, and jigs are also within our working range,Of course the material can be metal, while other options such as cast metal and resin are also available at any time.
Beside our own equipment, we have also developed powerful network at home and abroad.
As a total manufacturer of parts manufacturing, we are devoting ourselves to satisfy the needs of parts processing of the customers.


Main processing items. We also handle a wide range of other processing items, so please feel free to contact us.


Plate processing

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