Milling, plate processing, and machining
Shinei-Seiki Co., Ltd.

Overseas base

As we have subcontract factories in Vietnam and China, our quality can be further improved. And more quickly than anywhere.

By working on parts manufacturing, machinery maintenance, jigs manufacturing, CAD outsourcing, and human resources education, etc. Shinei-Seiki has been centered on strengthening the foundations of Asia to promote the solidarity of the current network and build new overseas network.
Since we have subcontract factories in Vietnam and China, we are confident in our speed of delivery time and the price of products.
In addition, we have also been working on teaching business words often used in the manufacturing industry in our Vietnam factory, "Souei" to students from Japanese schools.Shinei-Seiki will continue to leap forward and promote the further expansion of overseas business.
In order to correspond to the different needs to all the customers, Shinei-Seiki will propose the best processing method and process by utilizing our processing knowledge and know-how.

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